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What is Touch Up Paint?

Touch Up Paint Box

We have come along way in recent years on modern car stone chip and scratch touch up chemistry. Our finest new generation professional touch up formulations delivers stunning results without the need of costly body shop. Its really amazing how durable modern auto clear coat finishes are. Those nice looking can be abused and neglected and with our state of the art finishing pigments and chemicals they can be made to look just like new.

Your car color code is typically found on the marked areas on your car as shown below.

How to Fast and Easy Touch Up Paint Application?

Touch up work won't look good if the color doesn't match. We ensure perfect color code match that`s found on your vehicle. Our specialists use the specific code to formulate fresh batch so the paints are manufactured when you order, not before.

Most Popular Touch Up Paints

We put together a list of best selling color codes for your review.
We are here to assist you with any questions to make sure you have the best shopping experience.

Renault Clio - Beyaz
Renault Clio - Sarı
Renault Clio - Kırmızı

Find the right color code. Choose your car brand, model, year and place your order.
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Where is my paint code?

Let’s take a look at how you can determine the correct color code for your car.
Your car color code is typically found on the marked areas on your car as shown below.

  • Inside engine bay area by right side engine compartment
  • By front of strut tower
  • Radiator support (front middle)
  • Inside rear compartment (back compartment panel, or under trunk floor mat)

If you can’t locate/find the color code please see our color code locator instructions in the below link.

Check for Your Car Paint

Color N Drive New Generation Touch Up Program Benefits

Unique Formulation

Unique formulation of pigments, hardeners and ecological solvents

100% OEM Paint Match Up

100% OEM paint match up

Patented clear N correct solution

Patented clear N correct solution works to remove excess paint and correct application failures

Workable on chips and scratches

Workable on chips and scratches until primer coat on the surface

Color N Drive
Touch Up Paint System

  • No experience needed
  • Basic 3 steps
  • No Room for errors
  • Paint can be removed
  • No Sanding
  • Custom formulated pigment mixing

Touch Up Paint System

  • Experience Needed
  • Complicated Steps
  • Easy to damage the paint work
  • Paint can not be removed
  • Sanding Needed
  • Simple paint mixing system
Color N Drive - Touch Up Paint Kit Find Your Color

Great Value at Low Cost

Color matching is the hardest process in almost all industries. Body shops clarify the real color code and tint through a very long process. To determine which color code and hue on your ride, damaged area is rubbed with an abrasive paste and then polished. Then area is scanned with a color matching camera that can assist to define exact color. Once the color is found, it is mixed and sprayed on color Swatch card to compare to confirm accuracy of the colour match. This is minumum 3-4 days workshop with a huge cost.

Car Scratch 1 1

The reason auto body scratch repair is so expensive is that they typically re-paint the entire part where the scratch is.

Car Scratch 2 2

Touching up your scratched auto paint is really quite simple, and will cost just a fraction of what the auto body shop charges.

Car Scratch 3 3

Thanks to our extensive color codes database and formulation experience, we can match over 100.000 color codes precisely.

Color N Drive - Ceramic Coating

If you like to know how you can protect your car further please also check our ceramic coating product

Ceramic Coating