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User's Guide

Dear Client,

Please refer to this instructions manual for application if you have any questions please contact us, check our application video in order to see how easy it is.

Precautions Before The Ceramic Coating

  • 1- As it is fast curing polymer, avoid to work under direct sunlight, otherwise wiping will be blocked.
  • 2- On the other hand do not work below its crystallisation point, perform at minimum 10°C.
  • 3- Carry out the coating work under cool hood temperature as auto body heat may expedite product hardening rate causing wiping obstruction.
  • 4- Make sure hood is completely degreased prior to the application(clay bar would be excellent including iron removal).
  • 5- Dust free environment will improve application performance.

Ensure the clean application surface, prepare it by nice washing. Optional pre-waxing would be an excellent preparation.

How to Fast and Easy Ceramic Coating Application Play Video

Application Steps

Ceramic Application Step 1 1

Spray the pre-treatment solution to prepare the surface for the ceramic coating.

Ceramic Application Step 2 2

Drop 7-10 drops of ceramic coating emulsion on to coated sponge.

Ceramic Application Step 3 3

Than smear it laterally then vertically with circular moves on the hood. It is highly recommended to do work on 60x60 cm surface area and note the usage quantity at the beginning of the coating. Excessive usage could cause non-uniform smearing or wiping instruction.

Ceramic Application Step 4 4

Wait 2-5 minutes to wipe after smearing. Wet the microfiber cloth.

Ceramic Application Step 5 5

First force the surface by a wet towel to spread the product on the surface.

Ceramic Application Step 6 6

Then immediately use the other dry towel to wipe glass coating layer, until the surface is bright and smooth. Recommended wiping time is directly correlated with the temperature and humidity.
Under30°C / 86°F = in 3 minutes,
20°C / 68°F= in 5 minutes,
10°C / 50°F= in 8 minutes.

Do not wash your car at least 48 hours after the treatment. Make sure the surface is out of direct sunlight. Best application Temperature is between 5-30 degrees. Multiple layers can give better results.

If you have a question do not hesitate to ask
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