Chevrolet SS Jet Black Mat WPEPGLM600R Touch Up Paint

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Chevrolet SS Jet Black Mat WPEPGLM600R Touch Up Paint | Paint Scratch, Chips Repair | OEM Quality | Exact Match Change Color


Color N Drive Exact Match OEM Paint Repair Kit

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  • Genuine Chevrolet SS Jet Black Mat WPEPGLM600R - OEM Touch Up Paint
  • Custom Made - Color Match Warranty - Easy DIY Application
  • 3 Basic Steps to have a Professional Touch Up Paint, Paint Chip and Paint Scratch Repair
  • No Chance of Mistakes - Highly Effective - Professional Results
  • Competitive Pricing to Add Value and Protect Your Car
from 2010 to 2017

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Touch Up Paint - How It Works For Your Chevrolet

Say bye to your stone chips and scratches in your Chevrolet SS Jet Black Mat WPEPGLM600R. With German patented technology Color N Drive puts an end to your problem in 3 basic steps. Evey KIT is custom prepared in line with your manufacturer's choice on original paint brand.

With innovative Chevrolet touch up paint system, Color N Drive easily treats the areas that needs to be covered fast and easy. Our system prevents your car from the affects of corrosion and rust. So you can get rid of expensive repairs easily.

Due to the patented solution 'Correct N Clear', you can use the system without any worries. With only three basic steps you can repair paint chips and scratches instantly for your Chevrolet.

ColorNDrive Video
ColorNDrive Video

Stone Chip Repair - Scratch Repair For Your Chevrolet SS Jet Black Mat WPEPGLM600R

Color N drive DIY touch up KIT performs excel for simple way of removing stone chips and scratching from your car's bodywork.

Repairing your car stone chips and scratches on a regular basis is both cost effective and makes good sense, as left to deteriorate these minor areas of damage can soon turn into rust spots that seriously affect the value of your car and spoil its overall appearance.

Main Features

Oem Quality Paint And Color Match For Chevrolet SS Jet Black Mat WPEPGLM600R

We guarantee our paint will match the original color of your Chevrolet, Our database of automotive paint colors create a valuable one-stop solution for our customers. Searching for touch-up paint through car dealers, auto part stores and collision repair shops can be quite difficult - we make finding and ordering car paint simple. Whether you are looking for old car paint, unusual car paint, or paint for a brand new car, our colors database has got it.

100% Match Unique Colors For Your Chevrolet

We use the highest quality car paints to achieve first class repairs every time, all of our car touch up paints are custom mixed to match Chevrolet original factory paint code, using precise computer mixing technology.

Special Patented Blending Solution 'Correct N Clear'

Our patented solution system only treats the special paint we mix for your Chevrolet SS Jet Black Mat WPEPGLM600R and does not interfere with your factory paint. By this method we are sure that you can not harm your Chevrolet SS Jet Black Mat WPEPGLM600R Color and you can do repairs like a pro for your Chevrolet with JET BLACK MAT color.

Full Diy Touch Up Kit For All Your Needs

Everything is included in our system for you to have pro results in your Chevrolet. From sponges to brushes and microfiber cloths. Everything is included to do a proper touch up job for your Chevrolet with JET BLACK MAT color.

How To Use



Without hesitation you can touch and cover up the defective area with a paint special to your vehicle's color code.



Clean the excess parts and overflows with the help of a German made and Patented special solution.



Polish your vehicle with a Carnauba based polish.

KIT Components

Microfiber fabric

  • Special for car body surface
  • %70 Polyester
  • %30 Polyamide
  • 300 gr/sqm weight
  • Antistatic
  • Drying surface 0,2mm pile length
  • Polishing surface 0,6mm pile length
  • Super absorbent, dries the surface immediately
  • Speical microfiber structure, provides scratch free cleaning and polishing
  • Resistant to 95oC laundry wash


  • Best design for maximum paint easiness
  • Nonabsorbent
  • Loss prevention
  • Diamond cut edge for complete scratch repair


  • Powder-free
  • Nitrile

Polishing Sponge

Polishing fabric

Glass paint bottle



User Comments

Jason Barker

This was for touch up of my inferno orange 2013 camaro, excellent product, thank tou.

Rob Barganier
color looks perfect, haven't had to use it just yet so threes that
Lisa B
Chevrolet - Size: BASIC PACK|Color: MAGNA STEEL MET - WA706S
Can't see any demarcation between the original paint and the repair paint from 2 feet away. Make sure you thoroughly shake the paint before using it.
Kristen blair
Nissan - NAH - Cayenne Red Met / Venetian Ruby Pearl Met
This was great match for my Pathfinder.
Ms. J Bowens
Nissan - NAH - Cayenne Red Met / Venetian Ruby Pearl Met

Purchased this product to fill in scratches on my car very easy to use and true to color match.

Nissan - Q10 - White / Blizzard

I received this item in a timely manner. The application was easy. I found the instructions a little difficult to follow, but that may have just been me :/

Overall, the product was as advertised and worked as I expected.

Amazon Customer
Nissan - QAB - Pearl White

I purchased this product for my 2013 Nissan Altima that had a couple of scratches on the bumper and fender. The color match was nearly perfect. The instructions were easy to understand were outlined in a step by step manner. The process is multiple steps and is very logical, concise and helpful. The touch up job took me approximately 40 minutes to complete. The paint was completely dry in another 30 minutes. There is plenty of the products to complete any touch up job. I used the product about a month ago and it has lasted wonderfully through rain, sun and car washes. I would highly recommend this product for anyone needing touch up paint. It is far superior to any other product I have used in the past.

Amazon Customer
Nissan Murano - WHITE PEARL - QAB
This product did an excellent job repairing scratches and touching up dents on my car! It was also really easy to use with clear step-by-step instructions. White color matched my vehicle perfectly. Totally worth the money.
D. Allin
Nissan Murano - WHITE PEARL - QAB
The kit had all the parts and supplies listed, and the paint is very easy to work with. It is a lacquer, so it can be thinned and applied with an airbrush, my main concern. I(t goes on very smoothly when sprayed, and also works very well when brushed on. The only problem I had was the color--the paint goes on as pure white, and is noticeably brighter than the pearl white of my car. To some extent, that is always a problem with pearl paints, since they should be applied in layers (primer, white, pearl clear, and clearcoat), a process that can't be simulated with a single color such is supplied with the kit. For the small rock chips on the front of the car, the color difference is only noticeable when you look very close. For the big scrape on my rear bumper, however, the color difference stands out, although to be fair, only if you are looking for it. The good news is that the paint went on so smoothly that the slight color difference is the only evidence of the black scrape that was there before.
Nissan Murano - WHITE PEARL - QAB
Bought a 2007 Altima for my daughters 17th birthday at an incredible price mainly because it was dirty and had a bunch of nicks that came through white in the blue paint on the bumper. I wish I had taken before pictures to show how this product made the car look Brand New. There was More than enough in the smallest pack to fix every paint defect, while still leaving more than half for any future needs. It's a tad bit darker because obviously the original paint is a bit faded at this point, but you have to be an inch away to see it. Definitely a great match!

ColorNDrive Video
ColorNDrive Video
ColorNDrive Video
ColorNDrive Video
ColorNDrive Video
ColorNDrive Video

General FAQ

What is an OEM paint Code?

Original Equipment Manufacturer Code is used to formulate the paint in your car.

I can not find my code in your database or the color i see looks different?

If you can not find your color in our database, try to write your color code in the system and proceed, if the color code is provided there will not be a mistake in the formulation. Computers can show the colors different sometimes due to programming code that is used.

Is it really this simple?

Yes it is, please check our application page to see how easy and effective our system is.

Is this a permanent repair?

Yes, after the paint is cured like 3 days, our paint has the same resistance like oem paint. So you will not see that paint chips and scratches for years.

What is the shelf life of your product?

The shelf life of our products is up to 12 months. Assuming the products are stored properly in a dark, cool and dry place. Our solution has a indefinete shell life.

Do You have stores or application centers?

Altough we have offices around the world, we do not employ people for this purpose in order to keep our prices at minumum levels.

Application Questions

Please check our application page for further information.

Do I need to use additional material to finish the repair.

No, eveything you need is included in the package.

Can there be any possibility to harm my car.

No there is not but how ever if you will use the kit on a repainted surface, as we do not know the quality of the job done be sure to apply the system in a small area first.

Can i use it on deep scratches.

Deep scratches down to paint or primer layer can be repaired by Color N Drive system. You can use multiple coats to have better effect.