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Why Touch Up Paint?

Well, from the second you drive a brand new car off the dealer floor, the attacks begin. Wild paint eating contaminants like acid rain and bird do hunger for your clear coat and paint. Asphalt contaminants flies off the ground to dance on the lower portion of your front bumper, car door sills and body sides, while careless drivers terrorize your shiny exterior with heartless door smacks in parking lots and garages. In just a matter of days or weeks, you may find many, small, unpreventable dings, dents, and scratches on the paint on your new vehicle. To all of us, every one of them looks like a painful wound.

Just because we say damages are unpreventable that should not mean we have to acknowledge them as irreparable. Many of us who feel the need to repaint the whole panel with every ding or accept to live with them. However, there is always better option to have a complete touch-up paint KIT to simply perform DIY paint finishing work from time to time to keep your car brand new.

Color N Drive - Technical

No Chance of Mistakes

Patented clear N correct solution works to remove excess paint and correct application failures.

Color N Drive - correct N clear

Great Value at Low Cost

Color matching is the hardest process in almost all industries. Body shops clarify the real color code and tint through a very long process. To determine which color code and hue on your ride, damaged area is rubbed with an abrasive paste and then polished. Then area is scanned with a color matching camera that can assist to define exact color. Once the color is found, it is mixed and sprayed on color Swatch card to compare to confirm accuracy of the colour match. This is minumum 3-4 days workshop with a huge cost.

Car Scratch 1 1

The reason auto body scratch repair is so expensive is that they typically re-paint the entire part where the scratch is.

Car Scratch 2 2

Touching up your scratched auto paint is really quite simple, and will cost just a fraction of what the auto body shop charges.

Car Scratch 3 3

Thanks to our extensive color codes database and formulation experience, we can match over 100.000 color codes precisely.

Color N Drive
Touch Up Paint System

  • No experience needed
  • Basic 3 steps
  • No Room for errors
  • Paint can be removed
  • No Sanding
  • Custom formulated pigment mixing

Touch Up Paint System

  • Experience Needed
  • Complicated Steps
  • Easy to damage the paint work
  • Paint can not be removed
  • Sanding Needed
  • Simple paint mixing system
Color N Drive - Touch Up Paint Kit Find Your Color