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We want you to be happy. We strive to offer you only the best solutions. We offer 300.000 custom tailored paint formulations for brilliant results, constantly improved pigment selections for quick and reliable colour matching.

General Questions

I can not find my code in your database or the color i see looks different?

If you can not find your color in our database, try to write your color code in the system and proceed, if the color code is provided there will not be a mistake in the formulation. Computers can show the colors different sometimes due to programming code that is used.

Is this a permanent repair?

Yes, after the paint is cured like 3 days, our paint has the same resistance like oem paint. So you will not see that paint chips and scratches for years.

What is the shelf life of your product?

The shelf life of our products is up to 12 months. Assuming the products are stored properly in a dark, cool and dry place. Our solution has a indefinete shell life.

Do You have stores or application centers?

Altough we have offices around the world, we do not employ people for this purpose in order to keep our prices at minumum levels.

Application Questions

Do I need to use additional material to finish the repair?

No, eveything you need is included in the package.

Can there be any possibility to harm my car?

No there is not but how ever if you will use the kit on a repainted surface, as we do not know the quality of the job done be sure to apply the system in a small area first.

Can i use it on deep scratches?

Deep scratches down to paint or primer layer can be repaired by Color N Drive system. You can use multiple coats to have better effect.

Is it enough 1 kit for a SUV?

It's enough. 2 layers on 2 sedan size cars.

Do you use the same coated sponges, spreading microfiber, and polishing microfiber for the entire car?

The reaction and curing is the same as on the car surface. The provided KIT components are good enough for 2 layers application for 2 sedan size cars. we do recommend you to finish the coating with same sponge and cloth you start with. Thank you.

Can I wax the car after ceramic coating?

There's no need to use the extra WAX after you applied the ceramic coating on your car.

It can protect stone chip? Most 9H products don't.

There's no guarantee for stone chips but it can protect the most of the scratches. Thank you. 

Can u use it on rims?

Yes i have used it on many rims and it works well, it sertinaly stops all the break dust build up and general dirt.

Is this product vehicle color specific?

This product is not any color specific.