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Our Touch Up Paint KIT components are exclusively selected and formulated for perfect mach to your Audi's original paint. Interdisciplinary combination of new generation ecological pigment based formulations and patented clearNcorrect solution ensures touch up applied surface to resist the elements, and lasts for ages without the harmful environmental impact of other touch up sets in the market.

We all know how important color matching is when it comes to touch up performance, which is why color matching is the cornerstone of our new generation touch up paint and auxiliaries formulations.

There is no reason for your touch up paint to be costly and it should not harm the environment. You do not have to compromise on the quality to turn around and purchase another touch up paint kit a few months later to keep your car looking new.

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Where is my paint code?

You can find out the color code of your vehicle through the labels on the points marked on the following image.

Audi Paint Code Location Audi Paint Code Label

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