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All Customer Reviews For Color N Drive Touch Up Paint

212 Customer Comments

Ms. J Bowens
Nissan - NAH - Cayenne Red Met / Venetian Ruby Pearl Met
Purchased this product to fill in scratches on my car very easy to use and true to color match.
Nissan - Q10 - White / Blizzard
I received this item in a timely manner. The application was easy. I found the instructions a little difficult to follow, but that may have just been me :/Overall, the product was as advertised and worked as I expected.
Amazon Customer
Nissan - QAB - Pearl White
I purchased this product for my 2013 Nissan Altima that had a couple of scratches on the bumper and fender. The color match was nearly perfect. The instructions were easy to understand were outlined in a step by step manner. The process is multiple steps and is very logical, concise and helpful. The touch up job took me approximately 40 minutes to complete. The paint was completely dry in another 30 minutes. There is plenty of the products to complete any touch up job. I used the product about a month ago and it has lasted wonderfully through rain, sun and car washes. I would highly recommend this product for anyone needing touch up paint. It is far superior to any other product I have used in the past.
Victor E Lantican
Audi - LY7C / T3 - Nardo Grey
Great for fixing small chips and scratches. Blending solution really effective for a seamless finish.
Ryan S.
Audi - LX7P / Q2 - Tornado Grey Met
This is a little more involved than a simple touch up pen but man is there a difference! Directions are clear and with just a little patience the dings and scratches are impossible to find! Great stuff.
Denys C.
Audi - LY9C / T9 - Ibis White
Got my package and it was very professional. Theres a very helpful video by colorndrive on their youtube channel to help do the paint job. Product worked great and my Audi no longer has those ugly annoying scratches. Good price and good products!
Amazon Customer
Audi - LY8X / 4J - Havanna Black Met
I got a package with a broken jar of paint. I wrote a message on amazon, and told them about it, and asked what to do. While i never got a reply on amazon, I got a replacement package within 2 days of the message. FROM TURKEY to USA... Literally one of the best customer service experiences I've had in a long time.The product is pretty good also, it's touch up paint was a good match, and it came in a really nice packaging, with all the stuff you need to get it looking good, i already had all that but, it's great for someone who needs it, it was stuff that was usable not just junk you'd throw away.
BMW - N91 - Alpinweiss 3
The color matches well with my BMW 2013 528i!
BMW - B39 - Mineral Grey Met
I tried some cheaper options for fixing scratches and chipped spots on my 320i, but this one actually works very well. I really cannot find the areas I have fixed,'s that good!
Talal O Bahfi
BMW - 475 - Black Sapphire Met
Honestly this is one of the few times I take the time to write a product review. What made me take the time is the excellent, fast, and proactive customer service support I experienced from the company when I faced an issue with my order. They were reliable and proactive to resolve my concerns.On top of that, the product delivered the result as advertised perfectly. It is simple, easy, and clean to use.Really appreciate it and would wish other companies will adopt to this excellent example.