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All Customer Reviews For Color N Drive Touch Up Paint

212 Customer Comments

Kimberly Lopez
Jeep - PW7 - Bright White
Very easy step by step directions to follow. Paint color matched perfectly for my 2014 Jeep Wrangler. Blended nicely, would highlyrecommend for chips to paint
Jennifer Thurman
Jeep - PEM - Red Rock Pearlcoat
The color match was perfect. It was also easy to use.
karen balas
Ford America - RR / DSTEWTA - Ruby Red Met
We have gotten this product before and it has a great consistency and covers well!
Kailee L.
Ford America - PQ / BRQAWHA - Race Red
Works great! Dries quickly so make sure you work fast.
J Gleason
Ford America - UJ / 9QREWHA - Sterling Grey Met
I was real happy with this kit someone had touched up the car and did a Bad job the color match Was really close for a 10 year old car They made it look easier that it was after a few try’s and getting the hang of it they came out really well I highly recommended this kit well worth the money
J. Clark
Ford America - E9 / EJWCWTA - Laser Red Tint Pearl
Bought this to touch up my old 96 Mustang cobra. First off, I was blown away with how quick it got to me... I ordered it in April, right after the pandemic hit the states. So shipping was a hot mess. I saw it didn’t have Prime, but I said, I’ll give it a shot. It shipped via DHL from Europe and to NJ in less than 5 days. The paint is great. And a little goes a long way. I bought the bigger set, which is two small bottles. I probably could have gotten away with just the one, but it’s still great. Still trying to get the hang of applying the clear, but it fills in the chips and nicks very well. If you’re looking to match, go for it.
Mazda - 22R - Platinum Silver Met / True Silver Met
Great product, delivery was fast. Matched my color perfectly and helped to hide the little blemishes and scratches in my paint.
Amazon Customer Chuck D
Ford America - GN / HQHEWHA - White Gold Pearl
I am quite impressed with this paint touch-up kit. Firstly, the sell was VERY prompt with shipping, then upon opening the packaging, the kit itself is fully ready to be used, and has EVERYTHING you'd want to execute a touch-up! There are great instructions included, and Youtube videos to view as well. The paint is high quality, as are all the other affiliated items: Paint brushes, CorrectnClear, Paste and Wax, as well as application block, rag and gloves. BUY THIS KIT IF YOU REALLY WANT TO DO THE JOB RIGHT!!!
SJ Jim
Toyota - 040 - Super White 2
The process is pretty easy and the color match was perfect. I am happy with the result although with a little practice and patience it could be a near perfect job. 
Jason Barker
This was for touch up of my inferno orange 2013 camaro, excellent product, thank tou.