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All Customer Reviews For Color N Drive Touch Up Paint

212 Customer Comments

Danielle G
Toyota - 3L5 - Radiant Red
Perfect match, great kit! I’m so happy to find my radiant red without having to deal with the dealership!🥳🥳🥳
Toyota - 218 - Attitude Black Met / Midnight Black Metallic
Awesome stuff! Works well and barely can see where the knick used to be! You have to be up close within 1 foot to notice the imperfection of where to touch up paint/paste was applied! Perfect color match! Paint code #218 midnight/metallic attitude black on toyota tundra...will buy again when I run out of paint/paste/wax/etc...
Jennifer J
Toyota - 221 - Blackish Ageha Mica / Black / Galactic Aqua
What an amazing kit to take care of scratches and chips in car paint! Comes with everything you need to fix small cosmetic problems. My daughter got a long scratch on her brand new car (husband ran the handle of the yard edger along it in accident!) and this fixed the issue with no problem. If the scratch is pretty deep (like ours was) you will need to use several coats, but this kit comes with enough paint to use it for a long time.Thank you so much!
Christopher L. Michael
Toyota - 1D6 - Mat Silver
The additional cloth, brushes, etc. make all the difference... I tried a repair kit before that didn't have all of these needed extras (trying to be cheap) and you can tell the difference.
Mazda - 16W - Black Mica
The paint matched the car and covered up some scratches. I would recommend this product. Not a bad price either.
Kameron Palagi
Mazda - 46G - Machine Grey Met Interior
Suitable for light scratches which is the main reason I wanted it. Matches the gun metal grey on the '17 Mazda 3 pretty well. Just make sure to grab some plaster/clay first for anything too deep.
robert taylor
Mazda - 41V - Soul Red Met
excellent color match. works great. take time and follow instructions will bring great results.
Mazda - 22R - Platinum Silver Met / True Silver Met
Great product, delivery was fast. Matched my color perfectly and helped to hide the little blemishes and scratches in my paint.
Mazda - 47A - Ceramic Met
The product comes as described and is easy to use thanks to the tutorial video on youtube. The paint color was correct. Just remember, this is a patch job, its not going to be perfect.
Jeep - PW7 - Bright White
I had a couple of scratches on my car and used this product to touch it up. Matched my car perfectly and now I can’t even tell where the scratch was!